Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both

Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both

Thu 14 February 2019 16:00-17:00 - Goldsmiths Library, Ground Floor

A workshop about navigating full-time employment and being a freelance artist.

The journey to becoming freelance full time can be long journey, and the option isn’t always suitable for every artist. In her workshop. Beth talks about the advantages and disadvantages of employment away from the creative sphere and how to continue to create and operate as a freelance artist whilst working for "the man". This workshop encourages free discussion and individual opinions, with a focus on acceptance and positive solutions.

Speaker Bio

Beth Kirby (she/her) is an artist based in Bristol, UK. Her work discusses the human form, female sexuality and censorship. Via the mediums of drawing, collage and painting, her work frequently explores the notion of censorship of women and the ownership of their sexuality in the age of social media and fourth-wave feminism.

She also works in marketing full-time and tries daily to navigate the two together.


Sessions are open to all and children are welcome. Please register your interest here.

To inquire about travel costs or childcare costs being covered, email for more details.

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