Self Defence Workshop

Self Defence Workshop

Sat 26 January 2019 11:00-16:00 - Goldsmiths SU Venue

***This will be Women's Only class***

This workshop will outline the basic principles and practices of self-defence including:

  • awareness and avoiding dangerous situations
  • body mechanics (where you are strong and your opponent is weak)
  • grabbing and principles of movement
  • blocking and striking
  • questions and demos


Hung Nguyen is a lecturer in digital journalism, has been practising Karate for more than 10 years and has a black belt in the art. Sarah Kember is a professor in media and communications, has practised Tai Chi and Kung Fu for 15 years and has a black belt in Kung Fu.


The workshop will be for a maximum of 20 students on a first come first served basis. We plan to repeat the workshop later in the term. 


Sarah - 

Hung -

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