Warden's Open Meeting

Warden's Open Meeting

Wed 22 November 2017 11:00-12:30 - SU Studio (top floor of the SU Building)

The Warden, Patrick Loughrey, is the most senior member of staff at Goldsmiths, providing academic and administrative leadership. Pat is overall in charge of the way the College is run and the decisions that are made in every area.

Once a term, you have the opportunity to bring your question to the leader of the University, through the Warden’s Open Meeting. This is your chance to challenge, question and critique the running of Goldsmiths.

Ever wondered why...

  • The price of Halls is so damn high
  • There isn’t enough room in lecture theatres for everyone in my class, or suitable free rooms for extracurricular activities
  • My timetable wasn’t handed to me until term had already started
  • The Richard Hoggart Building is so inaccessible
  • Mental health services are so thinly stretched

… well, this is your opportunity to get some answers.

Join us in the Students’ Union Building on 22nd November at 11am, or follow along on the SU Twitter (@goldsmithssu). Feel free to submit your questions in advance using the form below, or tweet at us.


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