Student Assembly: December

Student Assembly: December

Thu 07 December 2017 17:30-19:00 - The SU Cafe

What's this all about?

Student Assembly is the democratic forum put in place so that every student can suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union. Held regularly throughout the year, the Assembly is attended by all full-time and part-time officers who give updates on current projects. In this way, it allows the student body to monitor and hold to account the officers that they elected.

Who can put forward a motion?

This arena is also the home of change, where any student can bring forward a motion (an agenda of action, for the Union to act upon) and where every student is free to vote for or against these motions.

If you want to see change in the Union this is the place to make it happen!

The deadline to submit a motion for this Student Assembly is Thursday 30th November.  

For more information on the Student Assembly and to put forward a motion see

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