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I'm Mollie, a little Welsh person who can easily be mistaken for a hobbit due to my curly hair, big feet, and love for food, but I'm actually your Education Officer. I graduated from Goldsmiths in July 2016 with a degree in English and History (living that joint hons life) and have been part of the union since first year. I was part of the English Society, and was a DSC in my final year, which provided me with some big ideas for this year. If you want to get involved with any campaigns, or have any ideas you want to bring forward then do it! Just drop me an email at, or come and have a chat when you see me wandering around Goldsmiths this year.

Support your local DSC and boycott the NSS

We’re back. We’ve made it through 2016 with only the remnants of that Christmas cold, dragged our suitcases across London back to New Cross, and have settled into the new term. There’s a lot to be excited about at the beginning of a new term; you start to remember that there are days in the week that go in an order, you have an excuse to buy new stationary, but most importantly you’re reunited with your second family. It also means that the university are going to start asking final years to fill out the National Student Survey, a survey that claims to give you the opportunity to have 'your say' about your institution. However, if you really want to have your say and see some action based on your feedback we've got a couple of much better surveys for you to fill out...

'Not the NSS? But what other opportunities do I have to give feedback to my university?'

Every year your DSCs launch an Annual Report Survey, a survey that every student, regardless of what level of study you're at, has the opportunity to fill out and have their say on elements of their course that they care about. This survey informs the Annual Reports that the DSCs give to members of senior management and Heads of Department every year, that have been the basis of so many of the amazing changes that we've seen in Goldsmiths and have shaped our learning experience. 

'Okay, but why should I fill out the DSC's Annual Report Survey?'

We have DSC reports to thank for the signage project that is being rolled out across campus; for electronic submission being implemented in some departments; for our 24 hour library. This year we're also launching the DDSC's Accessibility and Experience Survey that will be delivered to the same audience and hopefully prompt some action from the university to make Goldsmiths more accessible for those with disabilities or long term health conditions.

Basically, the best way to get your voice and opinions out there and see real change is to engage with the Annual Report Survey and the Accessibility and Experience Survey, and to just give the NSS a miss (follow these magical hyperlinks for more info on why we're boycotting, and to pledge to boycott the NSS.)

The reports are always around topics that are close to students’ hearts and are based on student feedback and experience. They’ve covered everything from how Goldsmiths interacts with the community, to accessibility on campus, to work placement modules. This year’s projects are:

1. Course Management

2. Mental Health and Wellbeing

3. Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum

4. Campus Space

5. Student Voice: Are we being heard?

6. Student Life

7. Accessibility and Experience

The DSC survey is now closed, having received over 1300 responses, more than any other SU survey to date! However, there's still another you could help the DDSCs with... 

To fill out the Accessibility and Experience Survey, please click on the below picture of RuPaul and the late-great Debbie Reynolds looking much happier. They just found out that Goldsmiths are actually going to start listening to what their students need, because if you don't listen to your students, how in the hell are you supposed to improve retention and have any credibility as an institution?





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