Campaigns & Activities Officer Blog

Heya, I’m Eva and I’m your new Campaigns and Activities Officer. I’ve just graduated from a Fine Art and Art History degree and have spent the past two years working at the SU part-time at the bar, shop and welcome desk, as well as being the president of the Visual Cultures Society. I’ll be on hand to help with any of your personal campaigns this year, as well as supporting local and national campaigns. My role also covers the activities side of the SU, which includes sports teams and societies. Throughout the year I will also be working towards improving the facilities for societies and sports teams, such as campaigning for new sports hall.

I want to increase student staff, ensure students who study at Goldsmiths are students and not suspects and make sure our university is providing affordable and safe living conditions for students. If that’s something you can get on board with, drop me a message at and come get involved.

The Importance of the Rent Strike and Affordable Housing

Since the Fee increases in 2010 students have been coughing up more and more for an education, something that should be a right and not a privilege. Alongside these extortionate fees students are being asked to pay more rent than ever before, not just in the private market but in University Halls.

The growing cost of rent is having a directly negative impact on the wellbeing of students. Some are having to miss lectures to go to work in order to afford rent. With increased rent comes a reduction in the number of students who are able to come to a university such as Goldsmiths. This form of social cleansing is not only affecting students who can no longer afford to study in London but also impacts on every student within the University who will soon find themselves only surrounded by the elite few who can afford it as well as directly affecting the community within which Goldsmiths resides.

Our education system needs affordable and safe living conditions. The National Union of Students is backing the Rent Strike movement because housing at university should not be a luxury. The Rent Strike at Goldsmiths is taking place because students don't want luxury living, they don't want to have to work two jobs whilst at uni in order to piece together extortionate rent. Students who are withholding their rent are doing so for future students, to ensure that everyone can afford to come to uni. 

Hopefully the University should soon realise that it is the Student's wellbeing they should be looking after and not the private providers.