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  • Build accessible and visible student-centric, trauma-informed support networks across the community 
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of The CARE Project

What is the CARE Project Ambassador Programme? 

In this Programme, you will get the opportunity to join other committed individuals in a core team that steers the project's Advocacy wing.

You'll work closely with the SU's sabbatical officers, SU Advice team and other student organising groups across the year.

Here's what you'll gain: 

  • Plan and execute community events
  • Knowledge of sexual health education and sexual violence prevention, 
  • Contribution to project strategic planning and community organising 
  • Leadership skills through event management, community building, and campaigns work
  • Official certificate of achievement
Why be an Ambassador for The CARE Project? 

This is a HEAR accredited opportunity to get involved in community organising against pervasive social harms and issues. In addition to gaining knowledge of sexual health education and sexual violence prevention, you will be a part of a core team that contributes to strategic planning and organising.

You will gain leadership skills through event management, community building, and campaigns work. This is also a good opportunity to network with other student organisers and meet like-minded peers.

What is the expected commitment? 

CARE Ambassadors complete: 

  • An induction session into the history of the project
  • Active Bystander training
  • Attend regular meetings to plan for activities around key dates such as the Sexual Violence Awareness Month
  • Flexible volunteering for the CARE Project across the academic year
  • An evaluation/reflection form at the end of the programme

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