Welfare and Liberation Officer

Mona Mounir

Welfare and Liberation Officer


Hi, I’m Mona, your Welfare and Liberation Officer.
I studied Media and Sociology, and during my time at Goldsmiths I was Palestine Twinning Officer in my second year and Palestine Society Secretary in my second and third years, as well as co-founding the Middle East and North Africa Society.
My main focuses this year will be lobbying the College to tackle the BME Attainment Gap, calling on them to create a new plan of action to tackle the issue, and continuing work on decolonising our curriculums. I want to ensure that all students have access to the right mental health services, including culturally-competent counselling services, and ensure that the needs of all liberation groups (BME, LGBTQ+, women, and disabled students) are met.
I think that Goldsmiths should general be a safe place for all, and want to tackle isolation and loneliness on campus. I’ll also be working with faith-based Societies to make sure there are more interfaith events and discussions.