Education Officer

Taylor McGraa

Hey! I'm Taylor, your Education Officer.

I’ve been part of the Goldsmiths community since 2013 (a long time) and graduated last year from BA Media and English. I work full time to represent the interests of Goldsmiths students in decisions that our university is making, and in the campaigns that our Union is running. If you ever have any problems (or praises) that you want to express about your experience, my inbox is always open!

Education is one of the most powerful and fundamental things we have, allowing us to grow, build communities, gain empathy and develop the language we need to articulate our experience in the world. Because of this, I also spend my days researching and campaigning against policies that marketise our education system, whilst seeking ways to overcome the barriers that are currently in place.

Outside of Union work I am also a writer, and during my degree I edited [smiths] Magazine. I have a soft spot for the creative industries, and am passionate about diversifying the pathways and people in the sector. So you’ll also catch me spending my time this year running Alternative Career events, and promoting holistic learning.

If you ever see me around campus, don’t hesitate to say hey, or ask me anything you like! You can also hear what I’m up to at our regular Student Assemblies.