Education Officer

Lauren Corelli 

Education Officer

Hey everyone, Lauren here (she/her). I’m the incoming Education Officer! I came to the role following my Education, Culture and Society degree here which was transformative for me, and got me obsessed with the politics of education.


My focuses this year are on inclusion, equity, transparency, plus the empowerment of students and amplifying of their voices.


I’m most looking forward to being part of student-based movements that can leverage tangible, lasting change at Goldsmiths for people who are typically and repeatedly overlooked. The GARA occupation has been a real inspiration for me on that front. Honestly buzzing for the year ahead and while I’m realistic, I’m optimistic about what we can achieve, especially as a SABB team who have similar priorities and philosophies.


Random fact: I wrote to Sporty Spice when I was six saying I was sorry but that when I was older I was going to be taking over her job. Ha! 


Read Lauren's manifesto here.