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Goldsmiths Students' Union Leadership Elections & Awards Night



Our 2021 SU Award Winners...

Society Leader of the Year! 

Short List: 

George Håkon Benson (Debating Society)

Emmanuella Fadire (Musical Theatre Society)

Miqdad Anam (Islamic Society)

Holly Cooper (History Society)

Karolina Olafsdottir (Creative Writing Society)

Charlotte Weston (Marxist Society)

The winner is Miqdad Anam from Goldsmiths Islamic Society!


Society Member of the Year 

Short List: 

Margaret Jennings (Wildlife & Eco Haven Society)

Anthi Georgiadou (Neuroscience Society)

Bethany Howe (DJ X EMS Society)

Carlie Pendleton (History Society)

Momna Nasir (Gardening Society)

The winner is Anthi Georgiadou from the Neuroscience Society!


Environmental and Sustainability Award 

Short List:

Wildlife and Eco Haven Society

Gardening Society

Equal winners!


Society of the Year 

Short List:

Musical Theatre Society

Debating Society

Drama Society

Gardening Society

Photography Society

Islamic Society  

The winner is Debating Society!


Best New Society 

Short List: 

Pole Dancing Society

History Society

Acapella Society

Neuroscience Society 

The winner is History Society!


Media: Article, Issue or Broadcast of the Year 

Short List: 

Debating Society

Islamic Society

Eko Magazine Society

The winner is Islamic Society for their article about ‘Ramadan a Month of Change’


Media of the Year Award: 

Short List: 

Eko Magazine

Smiths Magazine

The Leopard Newspaper 

The winner is Eko Magazine Society!


Sports Team Leader of the Year 

 Short List: 

Jamie Hildick-Smith (Bouldering), 

Elena Nikalova (Cheerleading)

Anne-Sophie Richard (Cheerleading)

Darcy Rafter (Netball)

Alice Perkins (Netball)

The winner is Elena Nikalova from Cheerleading!


Sports Club of the Year

Short List:

Women's Football

Mixed Hockey



The winner is Cheerleading! 


Justin Fashanu Award

Short List:

Women's Football

Mens Rugby

The winner is Women's Football!


Sports Team Member of the Year

Short List: 

Cleido Kussumua 

Georgia Saunders

The winner is Georgia Saunders from Mixed Hockey!


PTO Project of the Year

Short List:  

Alexandra Murray-Reynolds & Kocoa Brown 

Bella Alexksandrova

Jade Lindo

The winners are Alex Murray- Reynolds & Kocoa Brown (our Women’s Part-Time Officers)


Social Change Award 

Short List: 

STAR (Student Action for Refugees) Society

Goldsmiths Rent Strike

Goldsmiths Amnesty International Society


New Cross Packages 

The winner is Goldsmiths Rent Strike Campaign group!


Society Event of the Year

Short List: 

History Society

Musical Theatre Society

Debating Society

Gardening Society

STAR Society

The winner is Goldsmiths STAR Society!


Have met the needs of their members and positively enhanced their experience, Are well organised and have managed finances professionally throughout the academic year, Have been innovative in how they engaged their members and have tried to diversify their membership, Activities of the group have empowered their members to improve the Goldsmiths experience, the local community, the environment or had another substantial impact such as driving a significant change or achievement, Made excellent use of SU initiatives and resources Collaborated with other student groups Have developed an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students Have been a positive ambassador and role model for the Union ethics and values, Have engaged positively with the Students‘ Union and student members, Have inspired other students to take up a role in the SU in the future19th April – Nominations Open, 17th May – Nominations Close,  18th May – Panel Decides and 20th May is our Results and Awards EventThe Goldsmiths Students’ Union Awards Night 2020 is the biggest party of the year – and this year it will be fully online. It's a glamorous red-carpet-style awards ceremony where we encourage you to live it up in your living room – get your glad rags on, cheer along on the live chat and share your pics using #goldsuawards. Come along and celebrate this year’s wins and find out the results of the elections for next year’s leaders!