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What happened at the latest Students' Forum?

What is the Students’ Forum?

Students' Forum is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest, debate and influence key policies that shape the Union and our students day-to-day lives. Held regularly throughout the year, the Students' Forum is attended by Full Time Officers, Part Time Officers and students across Goldsmiths. It gives opportunity for updates on current projects, allows a place for policy discussion and allows students to monitor and hold to account the Officers that they elected. The full recording can be watched here. 



You can find the minutes from this Student’s Forum here.


By-election results

The results are for our January by-elections are as follows


BME Students’ Officer - Jade Lindo

Care Leavers and Estranged Students Officer - Sophie Stedman

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer - Charlotte Weston

Palestine Twinning Officer - no nominations

Sports Officer - no nominations


Congratulations to our new Part Time Officers - and welcome to the Goldsmiths SU team!


Motions debated

  1. Support Goldsmiths Rent Strike 

Proposer: Luke Sullivan, Seconder: Georgie Hodges


  1. Ensure a No Detriment policy

Proposer: Phoenix Coulson-Johnson, Seconder: Ethan Herlock


Both of these motions passed our online vote.


Officer Accountability

Each of our Full-Time Officers gave their accountability speeches which you can watch below.

Lauren Corelli - President (Not present due to illness)

Sara Bafo - Welfare and Liberation Officer

Niquella Simpson-West - Campaigns and Activities Officer

Fowsia Kadiye - Education Officer


What’s next?

The next Students’ Forum will be held on Wednesday 17th March, 5-7pm via Zoom. Motions will be open to submit to the forum the week before the next event- opening on the 10th March. To read more about the Student’s Form and how to submit a motion for our next meeting you can view our webpage here.

If you have any additional questions or queries about Students’ Forum, motions or voting please email