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Students' Forum: BME attainment gap

The last Students’ Forum of the year will be held online Wednesday the 19th of May via Zoom - you can find the full event details here

What is the Students' Forum?

Students’ Forum is an event that happens four times per academic year - normally held in the SU building but this year will be held online via Zoom. This is where we all get in a virtual room (Goldsmiths students, your elected Officers, SU staff and topic specialists) and debate the best possible actions and changes to move forward in supporting our students. It’s also your chance to get involved with student politics and democracy within the SU and University by attending and participating in the Forum. 

What is this Forum's topic?

Each Forum has a specific topic where we discuss an issue that is particularly resonating with our student body. The topic for this upcoming Students’ Forum is the BME Awarding gap discussion. We will be joined by a panel to discuss the topic and invite students to share their own experiences and submit motions for change (see below for more information on submitting motions). You can read the full agenda here.

Who can attend and how?

We invite all Goldsmiths students to attend the Students’ Forums - you don’t have to be affiliated with any specific society, activist group or elected position to attend or participate.  They are also attended by both the Full-Time Officer Team, who end the meetings with short accountability speeches of what they’ve been up to, and our Part-Time Officer team who have the opportunity to give updates if they wish. The meeting is supported by the Union Chair - who is an elected member of our Part-Time Officer team.

How can I participate in the Students' Forum?

There are a number of ways to participate in the Students’ Form.

  1. Tune in and listen

If you’d like to know a little more about what activism and democratic change is going on within the student body feel free to tune in to listen to the discussion.

  1. Ask our Officer Team a question about what they’ve been up to

We start our meetings with short accountability speeches from each of our four elected Full Time Officers. There’s always opportunity for Q&A so come with a question in mind or ask them about the topics covered in their short speeches.

  1. Join in with the topic discussion

If you would like to share your experience on the topic (this month BME attainment gap ) feel free to join in on the day. The panel will be there to lead discussion but we want to hear from everyone.

  1. Vote on student motions

We normally get two or three motions that have been submitted by students each Forum. Motions are suggestions for new policy at the Students’ Union - if the motions pass the vote on the night then the SU and Officer team are mandated to work together on making the suggested change.

  1. Submit a motion

If you have something you want to change you can submit your own motion - but you must do this before the meeting itself so it can be approved by the Union Chair. We will be accepting motion submissions for this forum between the 5th and the 17th of May. 


 If you are planning to submit a motion we recommend that you read this guidance on ‘How to Submit a Motion’.