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‘It was much more than just a society, it was a family-like environment’

Kulsuma Begum, who has just completed her third and final year of Psychology with Clinical Psychology at Goldsmiths, talks us through her experience of being a part of the Islamic Society… 

‘I was a member of the Islamic Society (also known as ISOC) since my first year of university. I heard about ISOC through a friend on my course - she let me know of the different events that ISOC have and the different opportunities that are available. 

Pinning down one best moment or memory from the year certainly is difficult as for me personally, every day would include making new memories and these moments will certainly stick with me for the rest of my life. But to narrow it down to one out of the many; it would be during the Discover Islam Series in which we had an event for people who reverted to Islam. The event itself was one to remember from preparation to the very end and seeing the outcome along with the members attention being captured from the very beginning to the last word spoken was an absolutely amazing thing to see.

Another event I was involved in was during Qur’an week, this specific event was: Miracles of The Qur’an. This event was one to be remembered as delivery was absolutely amazing and seeing so many members of ISOC interacting, enjoying themselves and benefitting was a really great thing to be a part of.

So what did I get up to with ISOC? During my time with the society, and as Secretary, I learnt lots of things such as pushing myself out of my comfort zone, improving my social skills or learning new things like booking rooms and chasing up anything outstanding. These skills will most definitely be needed and be useful for my future career as almost every job requires good social skills, thinking on your feet and being able to lead where necessary.

For any other students interested in getting involved with a society or community, I think the most important thing is not to let either consume all of your time. It was really important to find that work-ISOC balance to ensure that both parts were given their due rights. Allocating time and certain days for university work and ISOC was also super beneficial.

I would definitely recommend other students to get involved in clubs and societies as it’s a great way to make lifelong friends who share the same values and interests as you. Not only that, but for me personally, ISOC was much more than just a society, it was a family-like environment where we could rely on each other and always push each other to be better and be the best possible versions of ourselves.’