How to ACE reading week

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It’s reading week so you’re feeling footloose and fancy free, right?! Here are our top tips for making the most of those extra days…

Visit home

If you’re living away from your folks, then why not use the time to nip back home for a visit? Your fam will be so pleased to see you they won’t notice that you've also bought back an entire suitcase of dirty clothes which need to be washed and ironed ASAP… and there could be a few cooked dinners in the pipeline too. Winner, winner.  


Werk, werk, werk

We know being a student is very expensive, so use the extra time to do a couple of extra shifts at work (if you have a job on the side) as you’ll feel super smug when that pay cheque comes in. And if you need an excuse for a cheeky online purchase, this is it.


Get some shut-eye

It’s a bit of a boring one, but why not catch up on some much-needed ZZZ? After all, you won’t have those noisy housemates clambering in at 2am after a night on Joe’s Jugs at the SU bar. Shut those tired peepers and snuggle up for a disruption-free eight-hour kip. Bliss!


Create a to-do list

Get some errands done, my friend. Can’t remember the last time you went to the dentist? Opps! Run out of toothpaste? Eugh, not again! Well have no fear because you have a whole week to get those boring tasks out of your life… for a while at least. Hell yes.


Explore the city

Why not use part of reading week getting to know London a little better? It’s such an exciting city with a whole host of amazing stuff for you to uncover. Simply jump on a bus and see where you end up! We recommend route 15 as you’ll pass all the main sights, which basically makes it a free tour.


Watch the box

Indulge in a Netflix binge minus the guilt. If you still haven’t already seen all of Making a Murderer Part 2 then you really have been working too hard - so pick up that remote and get yourself comfy for the long haul!


Get ahead

If you’re really smart (you’re at Goldsmiths, so that’s a yes) then why not spend a little time trying to get ahead on all your coursework and readings for the next term? That way, when everyone else stumbles into the first lecture on Monday morning in a haze of tiredness you will feel so, so smug… and fresh.


If you’ve got any better ideas, get in touch and let us know! 


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