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Goldsmiths SU Statement Update

On Tuesday 18th May Goldsmiths Students' Union was a signatory to a statement re the Israeli violence in Gaza which was published on our website and social media channels. As part of this statement we published claims about Goldsmiths Colleges investments in companies linked to the Israeli occupation, namely that the College had investments of a total of £82,973 invested in Microsoft, HSBC, and Rockwell Collins. It was brought to our attention on Friday 21st May that the figures we quoted were incorrect.

‘We’re meeting with the College to understand how the Fund is invested and discuss any concerns we might have’.

We would like to clarify that Goldsmiths College, University of London:

·  Does not have any investment, direct or indirect, in HSBC or Rockwell Collins

·  Goldsmiths uses an ethical investment fund run by the CCLA, one of the UK’s largest charity fund managers, called the COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund

·  The College moved all of its investments to the COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund in 2019 following a community campaign calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies 

·  The COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund invests in Microsoft 

·  In March 2020 Microsoft divested from AnyVision, a tech company named by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign as being complicit in surveillance systems. This joint statement from Microsoft and AnyVision explains this divestment process  

We have removed the above references from our original statement which can be found here. 

We would like to apologise for any distress caused to the Goldsmiths Community.