Election results 2020

Your votes have been counted and we can now announce the results of Goldsmiths 2020 Full-Time Officer and NUS delegate elections! As Elections Results Night will no longer be held in person, we are bringing you this year's results via the SU website and social media.

Between 10am on Wednesday 11th March and 11am on Thursday 19th March, Goldsmiths students placed 1970 votes across four Officer positions and two NUS delegates. Although the number of voters (500) is less than we would expect on a normal year of elections, this year we have faced a number of barriers to campaigning (including strikes and Covid-19) meaning Goldsmiths has been very quiet during what is normally a busy time on campus. So, we would like to say a huge WELL DONE to all candidates in this year's elections for continuing to campaign online despite the circumstances. 

This year we had an amazing 12 students run across all these positions and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all, seeing your posters and banners and hearing your campaign aims for change. From the staff at Goldsmiths SU, thank you all for participating and engaging within the democracy of the Union and engaging your peers in the elections process.

Here are some voting facts from this year’s Full Time Officer elections:

1. The most popular position students voted on was Education officer.

2. The busiest day of voting was yesterday.

3. FT Bmus Music was the course most of our voters study.

4. 17% of our voters were Postgraduate.

5. 68% of our voters were women.

The results of Goldsmiths SU 2020 student elections are as follows. 




Lauren Corelli

You can see the full voting break down for the President role here.


Education Officer

Fowsia Kadiye

You can see the full voting break down for the Education Officer role here.


Campaigns & Activities Officer

Niquella Simpson-West

You can see the full voting break down for the Campaigns & Activities Officer role here.


Liberation & Welfare Officer

Sara Bafo

You can see the full voting break down for the Liberation & Welfare Officer role here.


NUS delegate

Nadia Hafedh

Mona Mounir

You can see the full voting break down for the NUS Delegate role here.


Full Time Officers will start in June. NUS Conference this year will be conducted online for the first time ever due to Covid-19.