1 Day Without Us

1 Day Without Us

Mon 20 February 2017 13:00-14:00 - Outside the Richard Hoggart Building

On February 20, whilst Parliament will be debating Trump’s planned state visit, we are asking all students and staff to walk out of their classes, seminars and lectures and gather in the quad outside of the Richard Hoggart Building to show solidarity with migrants across the world facing hate, hostility, and aggression.

On this UN International Day for Social Justice, people across the UK will come together for ‘1 Day Without Us’, a day of action to celebrate the contribution of migrants in this country and across any border, to demonstrate opposition to Trump’s policies, Theresa May’s willingness to work with him and to fight against the never ending anti-immigrant policies of this government.

1 Day Without Us

Over the course of the EU Referendum campaign and the US Presidential Election campaigns last year, we saw the scapegoating of migrants by politicians reach new depths; demonising migrants and undermining the contributions they make to their host countries.

Whether through economic contributions, or of the kind that cannot be measured - by making our society a vibrant and diverse one and bringing in a wide range of experiences and perspectives - immigrants have long-contributed to the UK, including migrant students.

There has been a rise in hate-crime by 41% after the Brexit referendum, and in the visibility of hate incidents in society. The already worrying climate for migrants has now become intolerable and it is time that the student movement stands in solidarity with all migrants to show that migrants, international students and workers are welcome here.

International students (both overseas and EU) are a crucial part of our colleges and universities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. International students contribute hugely to the diversity of our campuses and wider society. Their input of £7.1 billion a year is crucial not only for the sector, but creates thousands of jobs across the UK.

On 20 February 2017, a day of action has been organised, 1 Day Without Us, to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK and to fight against the never ending anti-immigrant policies of the government. This day will coincide with the UN World Day of Social Justice.

This is also the day the Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK will be discussed in parliament, thanks to the petition which received almost 2 million signatures.

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