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Societies & Communities Forum [CANCELLED]

Societies & Communities Forum [CANCELLED]

Wed 29 April 2020 17:00-19:00 - Richard Hoggart Building 144

Due to the Covid-19 the UK government has advised that all must stay at home indoors as much as possible. Affiliated societies & communities can still apply for funding as normal at goldsmithssu.org/funding, with applications being reviewed by our Campaigns and Activities Officer in lieu of a funding forum.



This is the date of the Societies & Communities Forum, which takes place monthly on the last Wednesday of the month six times a year. The fund's total is £10,000. 

The process of this fund is simple:

  1. Students in societies and communities can apply to the Fund using the funding form on the website. They can do this until Monday on the week of the Forum.

  2. If their application is approved, they can present their bid at the Forum. They are each allotted five minutes to do this.

  3. After they've all presented their bids, students can vote on each one to decide whether a project/event should receive funding and if so, how much. The vote is final and the amount cannot by amended after this.

For more information on how money works for student-led groups, see the Societies & Communities Handbook.

This event is wheelchair accessible and the venue has gender neutral toilets nearby. If you've got any questions or additional accessibility requirements, please get in touch by emailing accessibility@goldsmithssu.org.

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