Palentine's Day

Palentine's Day

Wed 13 February 2019 11:00-14:00 - Library Foyer

Come along to the Library Foyer to pick up Palentine's Day cards to give to your friends and classmates!

You can support your friends and community by taking part in Active Bystander Training. Help to create an environment of support and awareness and learn skills and tools to challenge cultures of sexual violence at Goldsmiths and in our local community. Active Bystander Training teaches safe, thoughful and creative intervention methods to diffuse situations that may cause harm to yourself or others

Sign Up to Active Bystander Training at

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24th April 7pm - 10pm
PMS Peer-Support Group
25th April 5pm - 6:30pm
Liberation Room (Downstairs in the SU)
BME Coffee Hour
29th April 1pm - 2pm
Liberation Room (Downstairs in the SU)
Active Bystander Training
29th April 4pm - 6:30pm
Watch Anime with the Anime Society
29th April 4pm - 7pm
Richard Hoggart Building 256
LGBTQ+ Coffee Hour
30th April 1pm - 2pm
Liberation Room (Downstairs in the SU)