Decolonising Goldsmiths x Challenging Academic Knowledge

Decolonising Goldsmiths x Challenging Academic Knowledge

Thu 28 February 2019 17:00-19:00 - Whitehead Building 218

Decolonising Goldsmiths x Challenging Academic Knowledge is an open community space connecting students, staff and the local community from all backgrounds on the topic of challenging academic knowledge. It is a space to share and present knowledge and resources, discussing topics that go beyond the existing Eurocentric curricula with the aim of decolonising our minds. 

"It is not only what is included, but what is omitted from our curricula..."

Each Thursday anyone can take to the floor to present or lead on any topic of their interest that is related to decolonising academic knowledge, for example from the Harlem Renaissance to Islamic Philosophy. The overall aim is to share knowledge, that that theories, histories, experiences, or anything else from a wide range of perspectives that are not often given a prominent voice in universities. We hope that through this communitt we can lead by example and encourage the institution to embed this work across all faculties and departments. 

You can sign up to present here, and you can view what is scheduled to be discussed each week here

So, if you want to present or just come along to join in or listen to discussions, we'd love to have you. This is an informal and relaxed space. There is no obligation to present and everyone is welcome!


Accessibility: WB 218 is on the first floor, and is wheelchair accessible via a lift. There is a hearing assistance system in the Whitehead Building. There are no gender neutral toilets. Find more accessibility information about the Whitehead Building on AccessAble. Please email if you have any questions, issues or requests regarding access.   

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