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This autumn we are electing the students who make up student representatives of the Union, who make sure the Union is fighting for what students actually want.

The SU exists to make sure that students have a voice and can influence decision making at the University. By coming together and having their voice heard, we can build the best University experience for all Students at Goldsmiths.

What are Student Union Elections? 

Every year students, like yourself, get to choose which of your fellow students are elected as the new Officer team at Goldsmiths SU. It’s your chance to speak up and choose who you would like to represent you in the coming academic year and take control of your student experience. 

This year, in our autumn elections we will be electing these positions:

BME Officer / Disabilities Officer / International Officer / LGBTQ+ Officer / Trans and Non-Binary officer

What is a Liberation Officer?

Liberation Part Time Officers are voluntary roles on campus, elected by student, to represent their community. There are six different roles; BME Officer, Disabilities Officer, International Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Trans & Non-Binary Officer and Women's Officer. We ask that all students self-define into these liberation groups if they wish to run or vote in these categories.

We ask that all nominees have some extracurricular time free in their schedule in order to make the most out of this position. However, we understand finding time to campaign can be difficult - these positions are fully supported by SU staff for this reason.

The main obligations are;

  • Attending an initial training session to set expectations for the role and the year ahead

  • Running events with and for the Liberation Networks.

  • Attending and participating in Part Time Officer meetups, networking opportunities and training.

  • Leading the relevant Liberation Network.


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