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Solidarity Motions

Solidarity is a part of Students' Forum where students propose and vote on causes they want the SU to show solidarity for on behalf of the student body.

Campaign solidarity is a part of Students' Forum where students propose and vote on causes they want the SU to show solidarity with on behalf of the student body.

A solidarity motion can include anything from supporting a strike or protest, towards a group of people or an individual, or even a particular social movement. 

Campaign solidarity is proposed at every Students' Forum and gets voted on by all those students who attend. If you want to propose solidarity to a particular group or cause, email beforehand and come to the meeting with a short speech on why we should support it.

2015/16 Solidarity Motions

Solidarity with Sheku Bayoh

Sheku Bayoh, a 31 year old black male, died recently in police custody in Scotland. His family was given 5 different stories of what led to his death, and have since been told that the police have "nothing to apologise for". This is not an isolated case, as his name is sadly added to the list of more than 1000 people who have died in police custody in the past year, and a disproportionate number of those being individuals of BAME background. This union has a long history of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, as can be seen from the naming of our Stephen Lawrence office and our continued support of the trust in his name.

Solidarity with Lambeth Library Staff

Lambeth Library Staff recently went on strike to fight cuts to local services and save jobs. The SU sends its solidarity to them.

Solidarity with students at Missouri University

Following recent allegations of institutional racism, the SU sends its solidarity to student protesters at Missouri University. 

A year on: Solidarity with missing students in Mexico

A year on from this, the SU sends it's solidarity to the families of missing student protesters in Mexico.


2014/15 Solidarity Motions

Solidarity with the Hong Kong 'Umbrella Revolution'

To show solidarity with protesters, particularly students, who are calling for full democracy in Hong Kong.

Solidarity with 'Hands off London Transport'

To send a letter of support to the RMT Union showing solidarity and support for the 'Hands Off London Transport' campaign which is campaigning to stop job cuts on the London underground.

Solidarity with outsourced NHS workers going on strike at QE Hospital, Woolwich

To show solidarity with outsourced workers at Queen Elizbaeth Hospital, Woolwich, who are fighting for the same rights and entitlements as in-house staff. To do a collection for their strike fund.

Solidarity with people in Ferguson against police brutality

To show solidarity with people in Ferguson, USA, who are facing police brutality. Solidarity with consequent campaigns against brutality in Chicago and other parts of the USA.

The Holocaust

Solidarity campaign to commemorate and host a days education on the holocaust with particularly focus on the philosophy and ideology of the final solution. This will be working with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Solidarity with missing students in Mexico

To show solidarity with the 43 missing Mexican students who went missing after a protest in Iguala, and solidarity with protesters calling for the Mexican government demanding action from the government to find them.

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Solidarity with Ukraine

Goldsmiths SU expresses is full solidarity with the people of Ukraine; It stands with them in their fight for freedom and human dignity, against corruption and dictatorship. It expresses full solidarity with Maidan revolution and the current ongoing struggle of the Ukrainian people to defend their national independence and freedom in the face of the illegal Russian invasion and terrorism.  It notes that the Russian Government of Vladmir Putin in Russia is an authoritarian, corrupt, ultra-nationalist, homophobic and undemocratic regime that does not represent the free will or values of the peoples of Russia.
Goldsmiths SU notes that in the course of illegal invasion and occupation of Crimea, Russia has violated international human rights law, persecuting journalists, civil activists, and members of the Crimean Tatar community. Goldsmiths SU further notes that the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Lugansk People's Republic” are terrorist organisations illegally operating in Eastern Ukraine.  They are funded by the Russian government in violation of International law and have been responsible for acts of murder, enforced disappearance and other war crimes, as well as holding fake “elections” which have no validity in any way.
Goldsmiths SU believes in a free, tolerant, pluralist Ukraine. It notes the importance of investigating serious crimes, whichever side committed them, including the Odessa fire deaths. It notes the need for democratic Ukrainian civil society to continue countering Neo-Nazi groups such as KUN, SNA and Svoboda, although it also notes that the relatively marginal role these play in society is deliberately exaggerated by Russian state media. Finally, it notes the need to continue the struggle against police abuse & political corruption, as seen in the recent brutalisation of local activists at the Kiev Osokorki construction protests, in which former Berkut (riot police) thugs were allegedly involved.
Solidarity with those affected by the Kate Smurthwaite affair

It was noted that Smurthwaite’s actions after her show had been cancelled had caused much anxiety and unwanted, one-sided media attention to various student volunteers and those are the people we as a collective should be supporting.