Spring Elections


Spring election nominations open in March each year. During this time you can put yourself forward for one of Goldsmiths Full Time Officer positions. Once nominations have closed you will have a further two weeks to campaign as your peers vote for the candidates for each position.


What is a Full Time Officer?

A Full Time Officer is elected either in a sabbatical year in between their years of study or in the year after they have graduated from their course. This position is full time and paid at a salaried rate of £23,511 per annum. The roles run for one year starting in July and all Full Time Officers can run for a maximum of two years at Goldsmiths SU (if re-elected by the student body). 


It is the role of Full Time Officers to represent the student body and make positive change to student life and the wider student community. Within these roles each officer has a specific remit to concentrate on - as you can see from the titles below - as well running the campaigns on their individual manifestos. 


What positions can I run for?







Welfare and Liberation Officer



Campaigns and Activities Officer



Education Officer


What support will I get?

Goldsmiths SU aim to support students both during elections and during transition to elected position. We will do this with training and skills sessions, one to ones with our Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator and with specific monetary funding. During elections you will be given a campaigning materials pack (supplied in accordance with our rules and regulations) meaning you won’t have to spend any of your own money to get involved and when in position you will receive a salary of £23,511 per annum.


How do I nominate myself?

Nominations for these roles will open in March 2020. You will be asked to complete a short nomination form in order to formally nominate yourself.

Still got some questions? Email our Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator via sarah.hazlehurst@goldsmithssu.org to find out more or book a meeting to talk in more detail here.