Candidate for the position of Welfare and Liberation Officer



Re-elect Tara for Welfare & Diversity!

Hi, my name is Tara Mariwany and I’m currently your Welfare & Diversity Officer. Over the last year I have been honoured to represent and fight for you in my role, and I ask you to re-elect me to ensure I can finish what I’ve started.

Over the last four years as an International student studying BA Politics I have been a Society leader, Part Time Officer, and now Sabbatical Officer so I know what is needed on our campus and how it can be delivered. I live by my words, and my role as an officer has proven this time and time again.

I said I would take sexual harassment on campus seriously, and I did. As your Welfare and Diversity Officer I helped recruit a staff member to oversee all processes and procedures of reporting sexual assault and harassment, and ensure survivors aren’t abandoned.

I said I’d create inclusive spaces for the marginalised on our campus and I did. As your Welfare and Diversity Officer I secured and furnished a kitted out Liberation room in the SU available for those often forgotten about.

I said that I would secure more funding for students because being priced out of the student experience isn’t fair, and I did. As your Welfare and Diversity Officer I lobbied for increased grants and I am introducing a unique sports hardship fund so that our Goldsmiths Lions will always feel supported and secure.

I said I’d put Liberation at the heart of our work as an SU and I did. As your Welfare and Diversity Officer I’ve held awareness and history month events for each of our Liberation groups and have also secured funding for these months, starting from Black History Month to the upcoming Sexual Harassment Week that I’m organising in March.

Other wins:

  • Come Correct - confidential and free condom distribution for under 25 year olds at the SU
  • Liberate My Degree bookmark project to encourage students to access more texts by BME writers
  • Secured the go-ahead for Hate Crime Reporting Centre to be resourced
  • Introduction of Disabled Departmental Student Coordinators

If you re-elect me, here’s what I’ll do:

1. Funding for Students

  • Pledging to fight for even more student bursaries and grants
  • Fighting to get departments to fund essential study materials
  • Weekly free breakfasts for students struggling to afford living costs

2. Mental Health Support

  • Easing mitigating circumstances process
  • More funding for University Drop-Ins and Counselling to support student needs at a time of a mental health crisis
  • De-stress spaces during exam time - from puppies to free tea and coffee

3. Goldsmiths in the Community

  • Making Goldsmiths SU the focal point for engaging students in national and local campaigns  
  • Establishing a food bank for the homeless and those going through financial hardship
  • Putting a spotlight on Black-owned businesses in Lewisham
  • Enabling Goldsmiths to support the works of local migrant and refugee organisations

4. Student Safety

  • Ensuring Goldsmiths is a fully accredited Hate Crime Reporting Centre for our students and members of the local community
  • Working with the local council and venues to implement bystander intervention training for security and staff to help tackle sexual assault and harassment
  • Dedicating and improving spaces for students of faith at Goldsmiths