Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

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Milda Cesnuleviciute

My name is Milda Cesnuleviciute; I am a bisexual cis woman and a fine art student at Goldsmiths University. 


I come from a homophobic and religious country- Lithuania. Growing up as an LGBTQ person in such a place was challenging for my mental health and only now when I reflect on those events, I can see how people I trusted the most caused me the most damage.   


Identifying homophobia and realising that not all adults are right made me realise that the current situation in the world and my environment needs to be dramatically changed.


My goals if I’m elected are:

Continuing creating an LGBTQ friendly environment in university.

Be someone that vulnerable people can trust and rely on.

Organise a different kind of events for LGBTQ people. 

Unite LGBTQ students in Goldsmith’s university, create a social environment. 


Why choose me? I am a first-year student and planning on devoting a lot of my time throughout these three years in university for minorities and vulnerable people. No matter if I win or not, I’ll be trying my best to help the communities in the ways that I can. However, if you do choose me, that will allow me to be more organised and helpful by being able to use the resources. 


Thank you for considering me, let's be proud together!