Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

Image for LUCY MUDEL


Lucy Mudel  

My name is Lucy and I am completing my Master's in Digital Media Image Making.  I’m running for the LGBTQ+ Officer role because I would like to ensure all voices within the community are heard. I aim to work toward improving inclusivity, resources, and furthering the sense of community around Goldsmiths campus. 

As to why I feel I could do well in this role, I spent much of my life feeling that I could not be open about my true self in regards to my identity. It wasn't until I started going to uni a few years ago that I was first welcomed by a campus that had readily accessible resources and support for students in the LGBTQIA+ community.  When I started at Goldsmiths in 2019 and met other students within the community, I felt that sense of support and that I could be truly open. While I feel Goldsmith's has done well in working to improve and promote a safe environment, as well as putting on events that encourage connections among students such as the LGBTQ+ Students' Network, I feel that it is very important to have an active representative in this officer role to relay the voices of students.   Especially during this time of uncertainty when students may not be able to access the campus or may be stuck in a personal environment that is not ideal, I feel having representation in this role for all individuals across the spectrum is vital; I want to make sure other students feel that they are welcomed, accepted, and heard.

I aim to relay the voice of the LGBTQ+ community for issues they feel need to be improved, especially in regards to inclusivity. I will also work to ensure there further meaningful support services are being offered and maintained by Goldsmiths. I will work with the Welfare and Diversity Officer on issues relating to LGBTQ+ students. 

If I am elected as LGBTQ+ officer, I will work to ensure that the voices of our community are heard so we may improve the environment for current and future students alike. 

Thank you kindly for considering me!