Candidate for the position of Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Officer

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Jade Lindo

Hi, My name is Jade Lindo and I am running for the position of Black and Minority Ethnic Students Officer because I believe in order to continue to make a change we have to come together and unite within our differences. I would like to be the voice for those that need it the most. 

I have experience as a student council member, as an undergraduate I held the position of LGBT officer for two years. From this experience I have developed the following skills: communication, organisation and strategising.I believe these make me an ideal candidate. 

If elected I would aim to:

- Objective 1  hold a new series of  virtual events aimed at getting more people involved in areas that affect BME students to increase outreach and reputation

- Objective 2  Increase social activity by running weekly socials across social media 

- Objective 3  increase funding by seeking out new sponsorship opportunities and raising awareness about particular issues surrounding the health of BME students such as Covid-19 .

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the students at Goldsmiths, especially the BME students who may be finding things difficult due to the current situation.

Thank you for reading my manifesto.