Candidate for the position of Ethical and Environmental Officer



Environmental ethics teaches us that we; humans are part of a society that includes all other living creatures; animals, plants, the lakes, and oceans. I truly believe that if we become entirely disconnected from nature, we inherently become disconnected from ourselves. It is imperative we don’t lose sight of our home, I don’t say this lightly, for I know this can be a very difficult thing to do in amidst a very strange time in our history where technology is becoming all. I believe there is a world in which we can incorporate progressive technology alongside returning to our fundamental understanding that we are deeply intertwined with nature, and it with us.

 In recent years it is safe to say we have all become very aware of the impacts of climate change on our planet. This is an issue we should take very seriously. It is an emergency.  Sometimes I think we can get a bit fed up with how big an issue it is, understandably we are talking about a whole planet here. However, it does not take much research to see the effects the ecological breakdown is having across the planet, from fires to floods, without long before the UK starts to see effects too. HS2 is being built which will have horrifying effects on the country if we do not act now, and we can. A collective rising is needed to save our home, we cannot give up hope on what can be done to tackle the greed and ignorance in our society, especially in large institutions such as our university.

Within this role I will aim to aid and ensure Goldsmiths make every effort to pursuing the green new deal, in which the college has promised to become carbon-neutral by 2025, with the aid of campaigning staff and students who pressured the college. Alongside with aiming to bring together more students who feel the frustrations of the environmental reality.

As I am an anthropology and visual practise third year student, I have made films about the climate emergency and have been involved with the extinction rebellion protests in the recent years. I am passionate about making a real change in the way we view this issue. I will support and aid in organising further change within Goldsmiths through employing my dedication, creativity, energy, and moral compass to the foundational issue at hand.