Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Officer

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Mioara Crenganis

Who am I?  I am Mioara Crenganis, a graduate mature student in Humanistic and  Psychodynamic Counselling, and apparently, "OLD "! I am fascinated by who we are,  how we act and what drives us, and being born and bred in the town I’m proud to be a student at the Goldsmiths University. I am energetic, vibrant and strive to enjoy life in active and invigorating ways. I am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that mature students may want to see. I want the students of Goldsmiths University to feel I’m a person who they can trust; I’ll put my efforts into making university life for our mature students the most fruitful, fun and fulfilling experience I can.  

What will I do?

Communication :  

- Listening to your voices and being an active member of your university life, taking active measures to initiate the changes you want to see.  

- Striving to keep you up to date with how the University is and improving and developing. By keeping you involved, you will be able to understand why things change and how it will benefit to you. 

- Devoting time to student rep meetings across the departments and meeting students on campuses where they are. By doing this I will stay informed of the current issues you have and be able to help instigate measured changes.  

- Using academic and social projects and events to bond the mature students of different disciplines to form friendships and potential working partners.  

- Speaking: representing your views candidly, politely, and constructively to the University… and feeding back to you. 


Starting an initiative on campuses to encourage professional collaboration between mature students from all disciplines. After all,  we cannot be students all our lives, so let us think business while we are here.  

- Creating an online mature student’s forum to encourage mature students to swap tips and ideas, coping strategies and organisational help. We will give practical help and advice from a peer perspective rather than institutional ideas. I want mature students to believe in their ability and be confident to try out new things and work hard to exceed their own expectations. 

Community & Sustainability:  

- Working to better contact and integration at the Goldsmiths campuses, with sustainability efforts in accommodation on campus. Instigating sustainable habits among first year mature students on campus will encourage them to live sustainably when living in the local community.  

- Building our relationship with the local community, with help and support from the university.  

- Improved Goldsmiths facilities to allow the student union to deliver services for mature students an ever-growing campus 

- The development of more social spaces for mature students 

Trust & Teamwork:  

- Ultimately, I want the mature student body to see me as a figure of trust, who puts all her efforts into improving their mature student lives.  

- I am discreet and understanding when dealing with sensitive issues, so students can feel secure that I will maintain their confidence. 

- I am a team player; I promise to work hard with my colleagues to improve your lives and learning at Goldsmiths University 

Big ideas 

Weekly meetings to provide an open and safe space for students to discuss any problems they may have. 

Study Spaces 

Many mature students (like me) treat University like a “9-to-5”, commuting in and cannot just pop back to halls if every study space is reserved by a pile of books and a coat all day. I want to create a mature students’ area. Somewhere to go that is available, quiet, and always there.