Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Students' Officer

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Elizabeth Aird

Hello, my name is Elizabeth – though most people call me Beth - and I am an MA student studying American Literature and Culture and I am running for Postgraduate Students Officer. I was also an undergraduate student at Goldsmiths graduating this summer past. My reasons for running are simple, this academic year is going to be unlike any previous, the circumstances we are all facing are extremely difficult. It is my aim to help support the full time SU officers in ensuring that all students receive the support they deserve and are able to enjoy their time at Goldsmiths and flourish while studying at this institution.

I am extremely fortunate to be continuing my studies in a department that I have gotten to know over the past three years. However, for the majority of Postgraduate students this is not the case, whether you are an MA student studying part time or a PHD student community is a vital part of being a student. And whilst the current circumstances of the pandemic limit our ability to meet in person, there are numerous ways we can work to foster a sense of comradery. As PG officer I will advocate for all Postgrad students, both current and prospective.


                                               transparency – support – community