Candidate for the position of Volunteering Officer



Hi! I am Diana Bapary and I am a 2nd year computer science student. I would love to be a Volunteering Officer because I love to do volunteering and gain more skills. I have worked for a civil organisation group before where our team used to help people with what they need and currently I am a student ambassador in Goldsmiths, and a mentor in Teamup and also in Goldfuture mentoring where I help student to choose a right future. I always love helping other to find a right choice or what they are interested in as this can make a huge different in their future. 

Volunteering is always one of the best way to gain new skills, good for CV, learn new things and great way to help others. I already have a wealth of experience of working as a volunteer in Goldsmiths as I am a student ambassador since 2018. As a with your voice behind me, I can use the knowledge, skills I have gained past years. I will make sure I am always available for the student who needs advice and guide, or if they have any question or any how if I can help them. I will support your ideas. Try to create, promote and find more volunteering activities, event and workshops. I will create a network in London as well as local area so I can find more volunteering opportunity for students.  

If you think I am the right candidate, please vote for me. I believe I won’t let you down and I will be able to make myself helpful for you.

Thank you