Candidate for the position of Volunteering Officer

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Gemma Hedge

Hello everyone! I’m Gemma, a masters student at Goldsmiths studying MA Gender, Media and Culture having completed my BA Anthropology and Sociology last year. I’m very keen to promote more volunteering opportunities at Goldsmiths so students can get involved in the local community and give back to areas that we live and work in. I have been a part of two societies in my time at Goldsmiths. I was the secretary for two years for Goldsmiths English PEN (campaigning for people across the world who have been imprisoned for their writing) and volunteer coordinator last year and campaigns manager this year at Goldsmiths STAR (Student Action for Refugees).
Through helping to run these societies I have seen the importance of volunteering and the real impact it can make. I have spent time working on different campaigns, fundraising events and volunteering opportunities for both Goldsmiths PEN and Goldsmiths STAR and, if elected, will bring the skills I have learnt to this role. As students, we have the perfect opportunity to create tangible change alongside our studies. While we are all busy, giving as much or as little time as you have will always be valuable. Together we can create a community of change within and around Goldsmiths.
Due to COVID-19, volunteering is arguably more important than ever as many places struggle. Just because we are more online now than ever, it doesn’t mean that volunteering opportunities have gone away. I will help to find students safe and meaningful opportunities to help during this time.
If elected your volunteers officer I will:
? Help to promote volunteering opportunities that fit alongside your study and work
? Find new and interesting places to engage with
? Focus on diverse and inclusive opportunities
? Make sure that opportunities are COVID safe
? Be there to to talk through any issues or questions you have about volunteering
If you have any questions or just want to say hi feel free to email me at