Candidate for the position of Union Chair



Being in my third year at Goldsmiths, I’ve seen the way that the management has consistently acted in ways and made decisions against the wishes and best interests of students and staff, especially those in the most marginalised and precarious positions.

With my experience as part of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action, I saw the way in which management fails to change in meaningful ways without pressure from all sides, and my goal is to help exert that pressure on management through my position on the Goldsmiths Academic Board (the only active student position out of 52).

I hope to in the position of Union Chair also help the elected sabbatical officers in their pursuit of listening to and acting on student voices, their grievances and recommendations. This means any injustice brought forward must be given the appropriate support and attention regardless of how big or small.

Long-standing recommendations which I will support and push for include:

  • The Role of Warden becoming an elected position
  • More student positions on the academic board
  • Reduce (and eventually end) any outsourcing and privatisation of College services and assets
  • Reducing costs of student accommodation, and halting the yearly above-inflation increases
  • Connect students with London Renters Union to protect them from exploitation by private landlords
  • I aim to push for the enaction of all points of the GARA manifesto, which have been largely ignored by the College despite their agreements

I also hope to increase student awareness of and participation in the Students’ Assembly, where their voices can most readily be heard.