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George Benson

George-Håkon for student trustee!

Hello, my name is George-Håkon Benson (He/Him). I am 50% English, 50% Norwegian and 100% committed to serving my fellow Goldsmiths students to the best of my abilities as a student trustee. In the unpredictable era of Covid-19, I believe that it is more important than ever to have reliable and dependable governance of our Students’ Union and the vital services which it provides for so many of us students. My main priority is to ensure that the SU helps support every student to be able to make the most of their time at Goldsmiths, no matter what personal barriers they may face.

About Me
I am now in my second year at Goldsmiths, studying BA Education, Culture and Society. In first year I was the training officer and now I am the President of the Goldsmiths Debating Society. Alongside my studies I work part-time as a public speaking and debating coach, and I also volunteer as a peer mentor with a children’s charity. I came to Goldsmiths as a mature student, and currently rely on mental health support from the university to help manage depression.
My Experience
In the years between completing school and coming to Goldsmiths, I worked as a senior programme director for the social mobility charity Debate Mate. The focus of my job was on tackling access barriers in education, working mainly with students from low-income households and also helping many students with anger management issues, special educational needs and those with English as an additional language. A significant part of my work involved liaising with universities and students’ unions from across the country, so I have a good understanding of the organisational structures in place within each.
From these years of experience I also have a strong knowledge of how non-profit organisations operate, and what kinds of decisions need to be made to ensure that they run effectively. Furthermore, having worked in the charities sector myself, I am able to understand the perspectives of our SU staff and hope to be able to work together constructively with them to ensure that our Union works for everyone involved.