Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



Who am I?
I am Saranyaa, a 2nd Year BA Arts Management student. In the past, I was an Accessibilty and Inclusion Rep and this year I am a Department Student Coordinator for ICCE.
Why me?
I am friendly, approachable and confident. Before a part time officer, I'm a friend who can help and you can confine in. I've enjoyed being an undergraduate student with work which I love to do. I love to meet new people and engage with them. I've always tried to get involved with the university and make everyone around me happy. I've witnessed university changes and I am keen to have a positive and happy.
My aims
I will be listening to your voices and be an active member of your university life, taking active measures to initiate the changes you want see. I want to continue to enhance the precious relationship of the SU and student body. I will be representing the views of student body in a constructive way to bring a change and keep every student informed of how things are working. I will be there for everyone and support them to the best of my ability. I want the student body to trust me as a person who can give her all to make everyone's lives better. I'm a team player. I promise to work hard and make your time at Goldsmiths the best time of your life!