Candidate for the position of Student Trustee




I've been a Department Representative for about two years now. The three keywords I’ve used as my slogan are the work ethic I follow and what I am basing my campaign on. This is because these three keywords largely embody my perspective on how to treat others, including the world I live in, and how I treat my work. As Student Trustee, you can expect great resilience from me in my work. I’ve found through multiple representative roles I’ve taken on that achieving goals takes facts, patience, and creative communication. Quite often, while achieving great things, we may not succeed the first time. However, I always try and take these moments as learning experiences instead of failures; and resiliently move forward in achieving goals in a new and improved manner. This is the exact perspective and energy I will be using as Student Trustee in ensuring the goals of the Student Union are met to best improve our lives as students.
As a member of a minority group, I deeply believe in unity and respect. I hold a deeply strong and stubborn belief in inclusivity and a respect for diversity. As Student Trustee, I am a part of the Student Union which is for every student, regardless of what their background may be, how they identify, and what beliefs they may hold. I will ensure that my decisions as Student Trustee will be inclusive of all students’ needs and wants for both the present
and future; and whether those needs are visible or not.
I promise to not go forward with any part of my role as part of the Student Union, without the utmost level of respect. Respect is the foundation of my communication, and is the foundation of the trust you will hopefully build towards me as Student Trustee. I therefore promise to always maintain Resilience, Unity, and Respect while cooperating with the Student Union to improve your student experience and ensure your rights at Goldsmiths.