Candidate for the position of Women's Officer



Kocoa Brown and Alex Murray-Reynolds would like your vote as joint Women’s Officers. We are now 2nd Year Undergraduates studying Psychology and Popular Music respectively and we would love the opportunity to represent YOU!   

These are definitely challenging times and the challenge for all that identify as women, with our multi-faceted roles in life will never be easy, but we would like to bring some exciting events, speakers to you and become your voice.  Despite being online we know that we will be able to bring you some unique experiences through this network. 


Jointly, as advocates for women studying at Goldsmiths, we are aiming to bring to the table:  

  • Perspectives and experiences from two ends of the age spectrum 
  • Events and workshops that are women focused and women led that will inspire and empower 
  • An extra platform through our radio show, Aspirational Woman, which will be re-launching again in the 2nd Term 
  • Meetings with like-minded women to support and uplift each other 
  • Opportunities to discuss and tackle women specific issues and support in areas that affect you 


We would like to ensure that you don’t feel lost, left out or overlooked. So, tell us what your experience is like this year so far and what you feel needs to change in order for you to have the best possible experience this year.  What can we make the University aware of that is not working well for you or needs to introduced or improved upon.  Let us know your experiences, your challenges and where you need support so that we pass on your comments and requests to the Student Union and campaign on your behalf.  


With so little University experience so far this year it has been hard to feel connected. However, through the wonder of modern-day technologies we still come together, so we will be proposing virtual meet-ups and workshops with speakers addressing topics that you suggest or that we feel you might be interested in.   

If you like what we are proposing, please vote for us. Let’s aspire to be the change we want to see!