Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer

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Roshani Shrestha

Hi everyone!   I’am Roshani Shrestha, a first year BA Management with Entrepreneurship student and I’d like to be one of your part-time international student officers. 

Growing up in various countries across South-East Asia studying in International Schools as a Third Cultured Kid (TCK), has exposed me to numerous different backgrounds, opinions and beliefs. In turn, I have adopted a global mindset that I’m keen on utilizing to listen and help my fellow international peers at Goldsmiths University.

I would say that I have been fortunate and privileged in terms of being a TCK and going to International Schools (oftentimes with more then 140 nationalities my entire upbringing). Reason being because we were brought up in an environment to appreciate one another’s cultures, and majority of students and teachers did so. Many of the clubs and societies I was apart, for instance, House Council, Peer Helpers and Gender Sexuality Alliance had effective approaches of integrating students through numerous events.

I’m currently living in Bangkok, Thailand and participating in lectures, and seminars from here due Covid-19 related travel restrictions. At first, I was having difficulty with this mental adjustment as I had planned to travel to the UK with my sister in August. Personally, during induction and freshers week this transition period was not the easiest, which is why I believe there are things to be done to better the support available for us international students.  

Firstly, I would like for first year undergrad international students to have a welcoming and smooth transition. I believe that it would be nice for freshers to hear and get some insight from experienced 2nd or 3rd year international students whether that be from within their chosen department or not. Freshers would have the opportunity to be in a sense “mentored” by experienced students (ie. Giving out advice about adjusting to British culture, showing them around, etc)  

Secondly, increasing the number of social events for international students to create an international network for when they arrive could ensure students and help them easily adjust. Oftentimes for us international students settling in, there may be a cultural shock. Therefore if there are activities or hangouts from multiple cultural societies that could be planned, not only might this help overall adjustment but there could be a richer cultural appreciation and racial diversity awareness across our university.  

Thirdly, I think it is important to promote and campaign in order to ensure equal opportunities for us within the university and our surrounding environment. I will try my best and work closely with the people that need to be contacted. Which brings me to my fourth main objective. I would like to implement a feedback system for international students so that you can share your personal experiences at the university, voice in your concerns, and comment on what you issues you want to see get improved. Whether it be small or big issues, they will be listened to, discussed upon, and taken into consideration.

Once again, it would be an honor to represent and help be the voice of the international students at our university.I strongly and sincerely  believe that I can effectively,collaboratively, and constructively work upon improving welfare for all international students.  So I thank you for taking your time and your consideration!