Candidate for the position of Housing Officer

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Luke Sullivan

Hello all, my name is Luke Sullivan, pronouns are he/him/his or they/them/theirs. I am looking to become a housing officer to support all tenants at this university. I am someone who believes rent dynamics whereby you have people profiting off of doing no labor and forcing one to pay, plus sign a contract in exchange for a basic human right to be immoral. On top of that, add on the current situation of a global pandemic and all that that means for the conditions here on campus and within the halls, and that’s what you have today at Campus Living Village at Goldsmiths University. Students in halls have voiced their complaints about poor management and upkeep, lack of preparation for lockdown, lack of communication, and so much more. While we understand that on sight staff have not been given sufficient resources, communication, and are restricted with what they can do with the pandemic, we also feel that there can be a greater effort made on their part to help students across the board.

During my time as a housing officer I will 100 percent support and help to organize the student led rent strike happening in January at the start of the second term. I will also ensure that the student union supports us in this journey. I will be there for anything you need, as I am just a WhatsApp message away. I look forward to working with you all and representing tenants against Goldsmiths University and Campus Living Village who continue to put profits over people, and this time to a new extent.