Candidate for the position of Campaigns Officer

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Haille Sleeman

I am an International student from Midwest America, particularly, from a city that thrives in its historical ability of using protest as a means to change. I have personally grown up surrounded by campaign work such as attending protests, creating signs and posters, joining marches, and facilitating school walk-outs. My goal as a Part-Time Campaigns officer will be helping to provide a safe space for fellow students to bring up issues they have, and to push for projects that students believe in.
My particular interests and intended courses of action include discounting tuition for the Covid year, providing education and resources for sexual health, providing helpful and safe tactics for drug users by establishing a drugs advice service that will involve drug safety and testing kits available for students, keeping the library open twenty-four hours a day despite Covid, and improving accessibility of student services at Goldsmiths.