Candidate for the position of Societies Officer



Who I am:

On my third year as full time BMus Music mature student,

I have been president committee since 2019/2020 and member since 2018/2019 of the Photography Society at Goldsmiths University of London.

Freelance photographer with journalistic, street and portraiture approach, part time fine artist and art curator,

music composer, producer and former live performer

with many years of experience in the music field and behind the scenes.


What I’ve achieved:

Just before the pandemic transformed our world, we formed a student team within our committee group, each of us becoming curators for the Photography Exhibition called “Out of Place” and we achieved the award as Best Society Event of the Year 2019/2020.

While at Goldsmiths I have been involved in many projects also with other Societies support, starting from my first-year collaborations with few Media Dep’s filmmakers and directors and with the Gold Reel Society, plus new projects with talented musicians and actors, as photographer during sport, fashion, tec and entertainment events like the Musical Theatre MA Degree Show, the Creative Writing Society publications of Factor #1, the Goldsmiths Star event for Eko Magazine, the Composer Society performance at the Campus and the Visual Culture Society Exhibitions.

I learned how important is to understand ideas, values, and human collaboration with a multi-disciplinary approach and a constant research between the unconventional human creativity in the arts and inspirational entrepreneurs’ activities.

Where there is an idea and someone who believe in it, the SU society formula is where friendship, plans and collaborative work come together to meet other people dreams.


My priorities for the role:


Supporting the SU team during those unprecedented times will be the terrain to rebuild and learn again, understanding how to reinvent our community, first as an online presence and then being ready for the future challenges.

Societies are at the core of this new structures,

and as a part time officer I’d like to priorities the following points:


- a new committee need to get focused on training and transferable skills to fix practical problems as founding, campaigning and online members participations in the form of workshops, group talks and singular activities;

- how we can create a community of thinkers, creators and activists in a more sustainable and safer environment is a question that is already on our daily conversation;

- starting from specific dedicated groups of active committees on creating collaborative projects between societies and communities at Goldsmiths and between other Universities;

- raising awareness of our supportive programs to University Departments, coordinators and tutors, where the reality is often separate from this alternative spontaneous approach that we offer, often as an authentic experience for future organizational skills in the outside world.

I am so proud to be part of this particular moment and at the same time I cannot wait to dedicate my time giving my personal contribute on rethinking new ways to be together as passionate humans.