Autumn Elections


//Nominations are now closed...details to follow.


What is a part time officer?

A part time officer is an elected candidate who stands to represent and make positive change for specific communities of students or projects. Unlike the full time officer role this is a voluntary unpaid position and you do it alongside your studies- but there are lots of other extra opportunities which make the role worthwhile. If successful, you will gain lots of training and experience in this role alongside the pride of making real change for the students who you represent. Many of the students who go onto full time officer roles began in part time officer positions.


What positions can I run for?



Disabled Students' Officer

In this role you will represent disabled students on campus and campaign on issues relevant to them. Please note, you must self-define as a disabled student to stand for this position.


Black and Minority Ethnic Officer 

You will work with the Welfare and Liberation Officer to represent BME students at Goldsmiths, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear and the college are acting on issues such as the gap between white and BAME students in degree attainment.


Trans and Non-Binary Students' Officer 

You will represent and campaign with and on behalf of trans and non-binary students on campus, working with the Full-Time Welfare and Liberation Officer.




LGBTQ+ Officer

You will represent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and other (LGBTQ+) students at Goldsmiths by gathering feedback, communicating this to relevant parties and liasing with the associated society and full time officer team. Your role may involve leading campaigns, and consulting on new ideas or projects.




Women's Officer

You will represent and campaign with and behalf of students at Goldsmiths who define as women. In this role you will campaign for women's liberation issues and work with our Welfare and Liberation Officer to raise the profile of the student that you represent. 



Housing Officer

You will campaign on issues related to housing, such as halls rent, student tenants in the local community and tenants rights.




Care Leavers and Estranged Students’ Officer 

You will represent care leavers and estranged students on campus, working with the Full-Time Welfare and Liberation Officer on issues relating to care leavers and estranged students.



Postgraduate Students' Officer

You will represent Postgraduate Taught and Research students, campaigning and lobbying on issues they feel strongly about.



Palestine Twinning Officer 

You will be a member of the institutional group who are involved in decision making about the Palestinian scholarship and advocate for future partnerships in this area.




Student Parent and Carers' Officer 

You will represent student parents and carers on campus, collecting their experiences and ensuring the college and the Students’ Union take action to make the student experience more inclusive for these two under represented groups.




Mature Students' Officer 

In this role you will represent mature students on campus, leading on campaigns for their involvement and inclusion in the range of activities on offer at Goldsmiths. Please note, the National Union of Students defines ‘mature’ as above the age of 21.




International Students' Officer

You will represent international students, ensuring their voice is heard by the institution and the Students’ Union. Please note, you must be an international student to stand in this role.




Volunteering Officer 

You will work with others to promote the merits of volunteering and broaden the opportunities available to students to develop their skills, especially by liaising with the community outside of Goldsmiths.




Societies Officer 

In your role you will campaign on issues relevant to societies such as space on campus and access to resources. You’ll work closely with the Full-Time Campaigns and Activities Officer.




Ethical and Environmental Officer 

You will campaign on ethical and environmental issues on campus and in the wider community.




Sports Officer  

Sports Officer - to collect feedback from participants of sport at Goldsmiths and advocate on their behalf within the Students' Union and university, working with the Campaigns and Activities FT Officer.



Campaigns Officer 

you will help develop a campaigning culture at Goldsmiths, ensuring activists have access to the resources and training they need and there's a strong community that exists. 




Student Trustee x2

 You will be a member of the Trustee Board for Goldsmiths Students’ Union, which has oversight of how the Union as a charity meets its objectives and spends its budget.  


What support will I get?

Goldsmiths SU aim to support students both during elections and during transition to elected position. We will do this with training and skills sessions, one to ones with our Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator and with specific monetary funding. During elections you will be given a campaigning materials pack (supplied in accordance with our rules and regulations) meaning you won’t have to spend any of your own money to get involved and when in position an Activism Fund of £2000 annually will be available for bidding between all part time officer positions.


How do I nominate myself?

///Nominations are now closed. Further details to follow.

Still got some questions?

Email our Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator at to find out more or book a meeting to talk in more detail here.