How you can support the NSS Boycott

The National Student Survey is bad for our education sector – it is a flawed and arbitrary survey.

The National Student Survey is bad for our education sector – it is a flawed and arbitrary survey, which has been discredited by the Royal Statistical Society as a way to measure a university student experience.

Despite only surveying third-year undergraduates, the College also uses the data to make grand assumptions and important decisions for the entire institution. The survey disempowers students, treating you as passive customers who have university education ‘done’ to you, rather than being an active participant and partner in your education.

The main outcome of the survey is to use the data to put Goldsmiths into a gigantic league table, unfairly pitting us against universities that specialise in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths), rather than the arts. The survey is simply not made for institutions like ours. Continuing to support the NSS only continues to support the government agenda of marketising education, and lack of support for small and specialist institutions.

There are other big questions about how the survey is used. The University of Manchester have announced hundreds of job cuts, citing ‘HE policy changes’ and a change in student expectations as the reason. This came after declining NSS results. When most students give feedback they don’t expect their feedback to be then used as a weapon against the staff they rely on.

So let’s take a stand for the type of education we want. We all know there are a range of areas the College could do better in, but there are better ways of giving feedback, for example, through your Department Reps.


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