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Can I get compensation?


Notice - July 2022

The compensation form is now available - submit your industrial action complaint form here.

The College has now completed its Strike Assessment Scheme and is letting students know if they are deemed eligible for an award.If you are unhappy with the ammount you have been awarded or would like to highlight any dissatisfaction you have experienced as a result of the industrial action, you can submit a formal complaint.

You can make a complaint at any time within 3 months of receiving you written notification of the decision taken under the Strike Assessment Scheme.

We will let you know the University deadline to submit the industrial action forms once that has been made clear to us. In the meantime, have a read of the SU Strikes Compensation Presentation here.

We also recommend you follow our steps below:


1. To make an industrial action or Strike Assessment Scheme outcome complaint, complete this form.


2. To stand the best change, make sure you keep a diary of how you have been affected.


3. Keep any evidence. This could include transport tickets or emails about the strikes.  


4. Make sure you include information about how you've been particularly badly affected (for example, highlight if you have a disability or learning difficulty that has been adversely affected due to lack of teaching.) Students with placements could also be badly affected. 


5. Please note, there is no precedent for getting the whole amount of tuition fees paid - as tuition fees are seen as not only covering the teaching, they also cover library and student services as well. You could potentially ask for 50% of the missed teaching but won’t necessarily be guaranteed success.  


6. Your compensation would also depend on what your department has done in order to reduce the effect of the missed teaching (for example, if your department put the slides for missed lectures on the VLE, you may receive less than where they hadn't).


7. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) are the independent students’ complaints scheme for England and Wales. Check out their past case studies here.


You can view the College’s information about industrial action here. For further info, see the Student Contract page on the college’s website here.

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