The Student's Union has created two pots of funding to support campaigning and liberation activity on campus. These funds are designed to support students to run events that are linked to campaigning or liberation. During the pilot of these funds, there is £2000 available and students can apply for up to £100 of funding per application.

The application criteria can be found here and students can apply to the fund through the form below. 

For any questions about the fund, please contact 

Liberation and Campaigns funds

Objective: To have a funding source that students can access equally to fund campaigns or liberation activity and to support ‘informal’ activity. Currently, there is no money available for students to put on campaigning or liberation activity unless they are already engaged in a formal structure.

How much is in the fund?: Each fund will have £1000 available to students, split into £500 per term to ensure sustainability of activity throughout the year. As this is being launched in Spring 2019, there will be £2000 available until the end of the 2018/19 academic year.

Who can apply to the fund?: Any member of the Students’ Union (Registered Goldsmiths students) or group consisting of members of the Students’ Union can apply. Funding will not be available for external groups or individuals who are not students.

How much can people apply for?: Applications of up to £100 can be made to the fund. There is no limit on how many times a group can apply but this will be considered by the panel. The fund should not be used to sustain regular activity - if a group of students are regularly asking for money, they may be more appropriate as a community or society which has its own stream of funding.

How can people apply?:  People can apply through a Google form, which will ask them to briefly (no more than a page) talk about their idea, what they would use funding for and how many students will be involved in their activity.

Are there conditions of funding? All recipients will be asked to complete an evaluation form stating how many people attended their event or engaged with their activity and provide some photos of activity (if appropriate)

Proposed activity


Not funded

A student-led campaign



Funding for an existing campaign (e.g. Justice for Cleaners)


X (This is an existing campaign with sabb support and therefore is funded through the campaigns budget)

Speaker costs



Travel costs



An activity relating to liberation (e.g. a panel talk on feminism)



An activity relating to liberation during a liberation history month


X (Liberation history months have their own budgets - we would want to use this funding to continue activity beyond those months)

A society event


X (Separate society funding is available)

Recurring events


X (If a group wants to put on the same event repeatedly, they should look to starting a society or community)

Food and drink costs



Something against SU policy


X (E.g. a campaign event to raise tuition fees would not be something we fund)