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Digital Consent

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On Digital Consent

Reports of online sexual harassment have spiked since the start of lockdown.
At Goldsmiths Students' Union, we stand firmly Against Sexual Violence in all forms—and that includes online.

With lockdown and social distancing, we know that the digital world is becoming even more part of our everyday lives, including our sexual and romantic lives. But that doesn’t mean that the rules of consent have changed, at Goldsmiths we still advocate ‘enthusiastic consent’ and we want to raise awareness of the types of behaviour we do not tolerate.

That’s why we launched our ‘Digital Consent’ awareness campaign on our Instagram.
Just because it’s online, that doesn't mean it’s okay.

If you have experienced sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying (online or otherwise),
here's how you can get support.

Scroll down to see our Digital Consent campaign messages.