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Our Work

We’re here to create culture change at Goldsmiths.

Sexual harassment, stalking, domestic violence and sexual misconduct are pervasive throughout society and complicit cultures in higher education have and continue to allow such abuses of power and trust to occur in our own institutions.

Goldsmiths is not immune to these issues. 

We work to address these complicit cultures on our own campus through:

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Our Beliefs

We believe everyone has a role to play in ending sexual violence.
We believe in a culture of community care over a culture of complicity.
We believe in a Goldmiths that stands Against Sexual Violence.

Our Team

The Against Sexual Violence project is staffed by:

  • Lou | ASV Coordinator | she/her |
  • Victoria | Peer Facilitator
  • Q | Peer Facilitator
  • George-Håkon | Peer Facilitator
  • Ade | Peer Facilitator

Our Beginnings

Institutional change around sexual harassment and violence has been a process that has taken many years. The current campaign is just one important chapter in a longer story that has included students and staff contributing to shifts in campus culture and awareness over several years.

The below timeline sets out the past efforts, present changes, and progresses to come:

March 2014: The online forum ‘Strategic Misogyny’ begins blogging about the presence of sexual violence on university campuses.

December 2015: Goldsmiths students independently organize the ‘Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Conference’ (SHHE), hosted on campus.

May 2016: Professor and activist Sara Ahmed resigns from Goldsmiths in protest over the institution's failure to address sexual harassment in a robust and sustainable way.

May 2016: The ‘Goldsmiths Feminist Students’ blog responds with an open letter to Sara Ahmed regarding her resignation.

June 2016: Goldsmiths issues an official public statement regarding sexual harassment at the institution.

June 2016: Goldsmiths’ website publishes an open letter from Deputy Warden, Jane Powell, exploring gender-related issues.

July 2016: the ‘We Want Truth, Goldsmiths’ blog publishes a call for action following Sara Ahmed’s resignation.

Summer 2016: The 1752 Group research and lobby organisation launches. It is formed and led by several of the same Goldsmiths graduates who organized the SHHE conference.

October 2016: The Goldsmiths ‘Staff Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy’ is updated to include information about sexual harassment.

November 2016: Student-led direct action raises awareness around the issues of sexual harassment, with a craftivism session.

March 2017: The Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths hosts a ‘Sexual Harassment Culture in Higher Education’ Workshop

March 2017: Goldsmiths College and SU secure HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) funding to create a programme that addresses sexual harassment.

January - March 2017: Goldsmiths appoints a Strategy and Review Manager - Sexual Harassment, a key part of the College’s ten-point plan to address sexual harassment.

March 2017: Goldsmiths SU hosts the ‘Speak Out Spoken Word’ event as part of Sexual Harassment Awareness Week.

December 2017: College Council approves a new policy and procedures for addressing incidences of sexual violence within the Goldsmiths community.

January 2018: Goldsmiths publishes new ‘Policy’ and ‘Report & Support’ procedures.

February 2018: Goldsmiths Students’ Union passes the sexual harassment policy at Student Assembly.

February 2018: Goldsmiths Students’ Union begins offering Active Bystander Training workshops for some students, and builds this timeline to highlight the history of activism that has led to institutional and community change around issues of sexual violence on our campus.

March 2018: The College and Students’ Union officially launch the Against Sexual Violence campaign. This includes a new policy, procedure for reporting and accessing support, and expanded Active Bystander training sessions for students in the 2018/19 academic year.

March 2018: The ‘Latinx Community at Goldsmiths’ student group hosts a workshop and discussion addressing issues of gendered violence within Latinx communities around the globe.

April 2018: Tara, Welfare and Diversity Officer, and Amelia, Project Lead for Against Sexual Violence Campaign, facilitate a workshop at the NUS Women’s Conference, covering best practices and campaign options for students’ unions.

June 2018: Goldsmiths Students’ Union invited to share their work at the Lewisham Council Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) forum.

August 2018: Goldsmiths Students' Union hold Against Sexual Violence campaign training for Students' Unions across London

September 2018: Student Union Bar Staff take part in Training with the Good Night Out Campaign and become accredited

October 2019: Goldsmiths speak at AdvanceHE EDI Conference about the project

December 2018: Goldsmiths marks 16 Days of Action against Gender Based Violence, including hosting a talk with Survivors UK

January 2019: Active Bystander Training is held in campus halls

February 2019: Against Sexual Violence Campaign distributes 'Palentines Cards' for Students to thank friends who have supported them

April 2019: Janeen Mantin delivers training on the Historical Realities of Sexual Violence in the Black Community

September 2019: Active Bystander Training is rolled out campus-wide for all Goldsmiths students

March 2020: Active Bystander Training is paused due to COVID-19

November 2020: Goldsmiths Students' Union launched the Take Survivors Seriously campaign to stop the College from de-funding the ASV project

November 2020: The ASV marks 16 Days 2020 with a programme of educational, wellness, and community events as well as a daily survivor coffee morning

December 2020: The Take Survivors Seriously campaign wins the demand for continued funding

February 2021: Consent Matters launches for all Goldmsiths students

September 2021: Consent Matters is integrated into Student Induction and the ASV project partners with Academic Departments to offer Active Bystander Training to first-year students

If you think there’s something missing from this timeline, contact ASV Administrator, Lou, at

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