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Industrial Action Complaints

Find out how to make a complaint about strike disruption and apply for compensation.

If the industrial action has impacted your student experience at Goldsmiths,
you can make a complaint and may be entitled to compensation.

Please read the following guide below explaining how to navigate this process.


Notice - August 2022

We aim to respond to enquiries within four working days. However, please note that due to a high volume of enquiries, it may take up to one week for our advisers to respond.
For all enquiries, please complete this form to get in touch and include any relevant deadlines.

The SU Officers have released a statement about the Strike Assessment Scheme which details:

  • Information the Officers have gathered from the College, including how the financial compensation amount was calculated
  • Our response to the scheme
  • What you can do and options you have with the scheme

Read our statement

The SU has put together some helpful information about the industrial action, FAQs and how you can support the strikes. Use the buttons below to find out more:


More about the Industrial Action

Step-by-step compensation guide

How to keep a disruption diary


How do I raise an Industrial Action complaint?

The College has now finished its assessment of the disruption the industrial action had on students' learning. Students are currently being written to to let them know the outcome of this assessment. If you're unhappy with the compensation you have been awarded or would like to complain about any dissatisfaction resulting from the 21-22 strike action, you can submit a complaint.


You must submit your complaint within 3 months of receiving your compensation outcome. To submit a complain about the outcome of your assessment, you will need to provide details of why you feel the outcome the Strike Assessment was not justified in respect of your personal circumstances. You can submit a Stage Two complaints form here.

Can I receive compensation?

You may be able to receive a refund of tuition fees for education that the College has not been able to deliver due to industrial action.
In Stage One, the College will assess what educational services were cancelled as a result of the strikes and consider whether you are entitled to any refund of tuition fees. The College will contact all students once this process has been completed.
If you are unhappy with this assessment, you will have 6 months to complete a Stage Two complaint form. It is currently too early to submit an industrial action complaint. When the form is available, you will be able to submit a Stage Two complaints form here.
Follow the SU’s step-by-step guide to applying for compensation.

What should I include in my Industrial Action complaint?

To stand the best chance for receiving compensation, make sure that you:

  • Keep a disruption diary - Make a note of everything that you have missed and all disruption as a result of the strikes. Find out how to keep a disruption diary.
  • Include all evidence of disruption - including travel tickets or emails about the strikes.
  • Highlight your personal impact - state how you've been personally affected. For example, if you have a disability or learning difficulty that has been adversely affected due to lack of teaching. Students with placements could also be badly affected. 

For more tips, read the SU’s step-by-step guide to applying for compensation.

How can we help?

Our friendly Advisers are here to discuss the options available to you and support you in the route that you decide to take.


Please note, Advisers cannot give you any more information about the Strike Assessment Scheme other than what is already up on University and Union websites. Advisers also cannot tell you which specific route to go down, as this is your own choice.


If you would like further support in submitting a claim, please fill out the advice form here

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