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Sheri Arewa

Sheri Arewa is a second-year student studying Politics and International Relations who competes in the women’s long jump and high jump…


‘It’s now my second year on the TAP (Talented Athlete Programme) and I can't even begin to explain how it’s helped me develop as an athlete. Being an expat in London is tricky when it comes to the weather. Even though I was born here and I used to live here, I had to adapt from training in 28 degrees to training in minus 2 degrees - and I definitely didn't have the kit for it! The TAP has helped me buy the right sportswear to train in the cold. TAP has also supported me in joining a league club and getting into competitions. 

Unfortunately, at BUCS National Indoors Championships last year, I injured myself while warming up for the high jump finals. I had to drop out of the high jump finals. It was devastating as I then had to drop out of the upcoming summer season as well. But, with the help of the TAP, I was able to get much needed physio treatment, which consisted of rehabilitation on my legs, sports massages and acupuncture. 

Once my legs got better, I was able to start competing again. I came first and second in my first competition in long jump and high jump respectively. Throughout the indoor season I continued to achieve great results in high jump and long jump, and even started competing in the 100m.

I still need regular physio sessions and constant rehab in my legs but with the help of TAP, my outdoor season is looking to be just as successful as the indoor one as I get ready to compete at BUCS this weekend in the women’s high jump and long jump. I can’t wait!’