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Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown, who is a PGCE Biology student, represents GB in Weightlifting…

Q. So how did 2019 kick off for you Mercy?

A. The start of the year was a mixture of highs and lows, excelling in some areas of life and under-performing in other areas. I’ve been taught a lot about growth and patience - you can’t rush success and you can’t rush stand out performances. It all comes with time, investment and an opportunity to be able to be the best you can be. It was also a time to decide what I was doing as an athlete and consulting with my support team to find the best way for 2019. It’s important to have people around you because community provides the support that as athletes we can individually provide for ourselves at all time. It’s important to have people around you that can provide insight from a different perspective and advice that can help you structure your performance.

Q. Have you had any injuries to deal with so far this year?

A. Yes. It can be discouraging but I personally consider it an opportunity to focus on weaker areas and use that time to improve those areas. This is important because when I am able to fully train, I’ll be a well-rounded and balanced athlete to achieve all of my goals for 2019. If I can encourage anyone, it would be to trust the process and maximise the season that you’re in as it’s still an opportunity for improvement.

Q. And how have things been for you more recently?

A. Well I had incredible success with the Las Vegas Open with a great start for the 2019 Olympic qualification cycle. It was an opportunity to get on the platform and just see where I’m at and I was able to establish a very good start. It’s inspired me to push, push, push and find the best way for me to get to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - a reminder of what I’m able to do around studies is enough and a great stepping stone to increase and improve. This year is looking really exciting. I’ve got a really good series of competitions coming up and I’m breaking down my performance to find ways to improve. I can’t wait!